Closed Loop for Cylindrical Gears in Line with Industry 4.0

Klingelnberg’s latest development makes it possible to network a cylindrical gear machine directly with a measuring device. This technology was previously only possible with bevel gear machines. In broadening the closed loop concept already established in-house to include cylindrical gears, Klingelnberg is connecting machine tools to the measuring machine – and driving digitization in gear manufacturing. The closed loop concept for cylindrical gears is based on an open interface and automates machine corrections.

First-Ever Presentation at In-House Exhibition at Klingelnberg Factory in Ettlingen

To demonstrate how the latest Industry 4.0 compliant development can be used for practical production, an in-house exhibition was held at the Klingelnberg factory in Ettlingen Oberweier in November 2016, during which some 100 participants were invited to an exclusive presentation. To be exact, the VIPER 500 cylindrical gear grinding machine was networked with the P 40 measuring machine. This development helps tremendously to simplify the production of toothed gears and improve the quality of components at the same time.
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