roughness measurement

Cutting-Edge Technology for Maximum Precision

  • Fully automatic roughness measurement now possible from module 0.9
  • High-precision sensing and evaluation of superfine structures on surface-ground gearings

All precision measuring centers in the P-series can be equipped with a high-precision roughness measurement device. This roughness measurement can be integrated fully automatically into both the gearing measurement and the coordinate measurement, allowing all measurements to be conducted in one clamping.

  • Fully automatic roughness measurement of gearings from as small as module 0.9 mm, as well as shafts and plane surfaces
  • Evaluation of roughness parameters according to DIN EN ISO 4287 (Ra, Rz, Rt, Rmax)
  • Evaluation of contact ratio parameters according to DIN EN ISO 13565-2 (Rk, Rpk, Rvk, MR1, MR2)
  • Skid sensing system for effective separation of the usable signal from ambient influences
  • Integrated motorized swivel device for automatic alignment of the diamond needle with a diamond tip radius of 2 µm or 5 µm
  • Optimal scanning conditions with measuring runs similar to gear measurement
  • Comprehensive collision protection
  • Optimized design to protect the diamond needle
  • Extremely high resolution of 7 nm
  • Robust, reproducible measuring results even on extremely smooth (e.g., surface-ground) surfaces
  • Easy handling through integration into the normal measuring process
  • Precise measurement, even in the shop-floor environment
  • Fully automatic procedure for probe change (option)

Novelty for Measurement from Module 0.9

With the new miniature roughness probe, even gearings as small as module 0.9 can be measured fully automatically. This is possible thanks to a specially developed design that ensures contact with the largest possible portion of the gearing surface.

Custom Solutions for Bevel Gears

Alongside the straight standard design for pinions, an angled probe is available for bevel gear measurement.

Versatile Application

All roughness parameters can be scanned quickly and easily on shafts as well as on the bearing surfaces of gearings.

Proven Probe Systems for Cylindrical Gears

Roughness measurement on Klingelnberg P machines is proven on several hundred machines over the last years. With the precise CNC-controlled measuring runs reproducibilities of 0.01 µm are achieved.

Automatic Change, incl. Plug Connector

In connection with the probe change magazine, not only is the roughness probe automatically changed, the plug connector for the sensor system is also inserted fully automatically.

Clear, Descriptive Presentation

The roughness measurement curves and parameters for roughness and contact ratio are clearly displayed on the screen and in the measurement report – in the same way as evaluation of  the gear geometry.