Drive Technology/Customized Bevel Gears

In the bevel gear product sector, Klingelnberg develops and produces a wide range of gear components and is the global market leader in the production of large spiral bevel gears. From standard solutions to high-tech applications – for the aerospace industry and Formula 1, for example – Klingelnberg offers its customers tailor-made gearing solutions. Beside production-related activities, the range of services also includes engineering services such as bearing-pattern optimization, calculations, design and simulation of gear components, and determination of static and dynamic factors of the complete system.

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  • World's most modern production facility for large bevel gears in Hückeswagen, Germany.

  • High-capacity production cell for high-tech applications in Hückeswagen, Germany.

  • Production at all locations takes place according to lean production and lean management principles (5S, Kaizen, etc.).
  • Closed-loop method for every process step guarantees transparency and documented quality for every phase in the manufacturing process.

  • Extensive machine equipment including testing and measuring machines.

  • Unsurpassed heat treatment expertise thanks to company-owned hardening shop with test laboratory for specimen analysis.

  • Systematic use of Klingelnberg's KIMoS calculation software in all process chain steps relevant for gearing.
  • Determination of displacement parameters through static and dynamic analysis of the complete system.

  • High degree of planning reliability through the use of extensive simulation options in the early stages of the product development processes.

  • Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN 14001.

  • Participation in various R&D projects along with leading users and customers.

  • Collaboration in professional industry working groups and in the development of DIN/ISO standards.


  • Flexibile production capacity of over 10,000 gear sets/ Production of standard components with ring gear diameters up to 600 mm in Györ, Hungary

  • Production takes place according to lean production and lean management principles (5S, Kaizen, etc.).

  • Manufacturing and quality assurance according to the highest international industry standards
  • Leading gear and measuring technology developed and built by Klingelnberg.
  • Application of Klingelnberg’s own calculation software “KIMoS” throughout all gearing relevant process steps.

  • Best possible lead times with raw materials held on stock.

  • The Closed-Loop concept is used for quality assurance but also guarantees absolute transparency throughout the production process.

  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001.