Gear components in the aviation industry must live up to the extremely tough requirements of this sector. In addition to extremely stringent safety aspects, customer requirements for weight optimization, longevity, and efficiency must also be met. This applies for both class 1 gear parts in jet engines and class 2 applications, such as landing flap drives.


A team of experienced specialists is at the ready to design and produce complex gear components of this nature. Not only do they use the latest calculation methods with the Klingelnberg KIMoS calculation software for this purpose, they also employ the closed-loop production method, which guarantees transparency and quality for every process step.


  • High-capacity production cell for high-tech applications in Hückeswagen, Germany.

  • Closed-loop gear production as per nominal data guarantees transparency and documented quality for every phase in the manufacturing process.

  • Unsurpassed expertise in the calculation, configuration, simulation, and optimization of bevel gear drives.

  • Highly flexible production and administration processes ensure the work will be completed quickly.
  • Systematic documentation of all process parameters.

  • Gearing loops for bevel gears with ring gear diameters up to approx. 1,000 mm.

  • State-of-the-art monitoring of the entire production process.

  • Certification to DIN EN 9100.
  • Systematic use of Klingelnberg's KIMoS calculation software in all process chain steps relevant for gearing.

  • Optimal bearing pattern geometry through surface modifications, taking account of in-process displacements in the bevel gear stage.

  • Determination of displacement parameters through static and dynamic analysis of the complete system.