In vehicle manufacturing, there are a number of different applications in which bevel gears are used. These include car and truck rear axles, drivetrains in rail vehicles, construction-site vehicles, tractors, military vehicles, special-purpose vehicles, and many more.


In these applications as well, custom bevel gears designs that take account of specific requirements are demanded, in addition to a high-capacity production process. Thus, for example, a noise-optimized configuration of the bevel gear set is achieved by structuring the microgeometry in Klingelnberg's KIMoS calculation software.


  • High-capacity production cell for high-tech applications in Hückeswagen, Germany, and cost-effective production facilities in Györ, Hungary, for standard solutions.

  • Production at all locations based on lean management principles.

  • Closed-loop gear production as per nominal data guarantees transparency and documented quality for every phase in the manufacturing process.

  • Digital documentation of all production data.
  • Gearing loops for bevel gears with ring gear diameters up to approx. 1,000 mm.

  • State-of-the-art monitoring of the entire production process.

  • Systematic documentation of all process parameters.

  • Extensive measuring equipment to determine and document macro and micro geometry.
  • Unsurpassed expertise in the calculation, configuration, simulation, and optimization of bevel gear drives.

  • Systematic use of Klingelnberg's KIMoS calculation software in all process chain steps relevant for gearing.

  • Optimal bearing pattern geometry through surface modifications, taking account of in-process displacements in the bevel gear stage.

  • Determination of in-process displacement parameters of a bevel gear set through static and dynamic analysis of the complete system.