Agricultural technology


In agricultural technology, components in the engine and transmission must comply with specific standards regarding service life, even when subjected to high mechanical loads and climatic stresses. This calls for especially robust gear designs (high displacements under load). These special designs place great demands on the measuring machine, particularly in terms of measuring geometrical references on the component (dimension, form, and position measurements).


Machine specifications
Measuring Center Klingelnberg P 40


Klingelnberg measuring centers guarantee compliance with narrow tolerances. All quality-related aspects of the components are normally tested in a single setting and with one machine. The high measuring accuracy leads to better quality, thereby increasing the service life of the components.


  • Greater efficiency: A thermal-neutral machine design allows measurements to take place on the production line.

  • Unparalleled anywhere in the world: Maximum-precision rotary table for measurement of axially symmetrical parts.

  • In the shortest time: Measurement of gears and axially symmetrical workpieces.
Machine specifications
  • Maximum precision and repeatability of measurement results: The combination of outstanding basic mechanical precision and modern compensation strategies produces a machine that offers long-term stability for the highest accuracy class.

  • Closed-loop bevel gear measurement: Automatic calculation and feedback of correction data to the machine tools contributes to production stability and optimal component quality.
Machine specifications
  • Minimal space requirements: All measuring centers have a highly compact design to ensure optimal use on lean-production lines.

  • Ultra low-maintenance technology: The use of highly accurate, nonwearing linear axes minimizes running costs.

  • Easy operation: Thanks to intuitive software, measurement tasks can be performed quickly and reliably, without requiring extensive training.