Gear manufacturers require a high degree of efficiency, low noise emissions, and reduced weight with the longest possible service life.


Cross section of a vehicle transmission
Cross section of an 8-speed automatic transmission


The measuring centers monitor the required high precision and  reproducibility of the gears and their interaction within the transmission – always according to the latest international standards. Manufacturers benefit from measuring procedures carried out within the process, thereby saving time and money.

Moreover, Klingelnberg is the only manufacturer of measuring centers worldwide to offer integrated software solutions for analyzing and optimizing the noise behavior of gears (tooth contact analysis, ripple analysis, etc).


  • Machine specifications


Machine specifications
  • Greater efficiency: A thermal-neutral machine design allows measurements to take place on the production line.

  • Unparalleled anywhere in the world: Maximum-precision rotary table for measurement of axially symmetrical parts.

  • In the shortest time: Measurement of gears and axially symmetrical workpieces.
Machine specifications
  • Maximum precision and repeatability of measurement results: The combination of outstanding basic mechanical precision and modern compensation strategies produces a machine that offers long-term stability for the highest accuracy class. This has made Klingelnberg machines the absolute benchmark in the automotive industry.

  • Closed-loop bevel gear measurement: Automatic calculation and feedback of correction data to the machine tools contributes to production stability and optimal component quality.
Machine specifications
  • Minimal space requirements: All measuring centers have a highly compact design.

  • Ultra low-maintenance technology: The use of highly accurate, nonwearing linear axes minimizes running costs.

  • Easy operation: Thanks to intuitive software, measurement tasks can be performed quickly and reliably, without requiring extensive training.