industrial construction and plant engineering


The requirements for industrial construction and plant engineering are as varied as the number of different applications.

Examples include:

  • Measurement of small gears, e.g., module 0.2 mm
  • High-precision pitch measurement on gears with over 200 teeth for the printing industry
  • Geometrical measurement of pump housings
  • Measurement of large bevel gears for cement mills or marine propulsion systems

Besides high measuring accuracy, all of these applications also require great flexibility (production in batch size 1 in some cases). Even extreme structural shapes must be able to be measured quickly and reliably.



Klingelnberg measuring centers guarantee compliance with narrow tolerances. All quality-related aspects of the components are normally tested in a single setting and with one machine. Klingelnberg's extensive software library offers the customer full flexibility for everything from gear measurement to dimensions, form, and position measurement tasks.



Machine specifications
  • Greater efficiency: A thermal-neutral machine design allows measurements to take place on the production line.

  • Unparalleled anywhere in the world: Maximum-precision rotary table for measurement of axially symmetrical parts.

  • In the shortest time: Measurement of gears and axially symmetrical workpieces.
  • Maximum precision and repeatability of measurement results: The combination of outstanding basic mechanical precision and modern compensation strategies produces a machine that offers long-term stability for the highest accuracy class.

  • Closed-loop bevel gear measurement: Automatic calculation and feedback of correction data to the machine tools contributes to production stability and optimal component quality.

Machine specifications
  • Minimal space requirements: All measuring centers have a highly compact design.

  • Ultra low-maintenance technology: The use of highly accurate, nonwearing linear axes minimizes running costs.

  • Easy operation: Thanks to intuitive software, measurement tasks can be performed quickly and reliably, without requiring extensive training.