wind power


Power in the megawatt range must be transmitted with large gearboxes that meet the toughest quality standards. Even under extreme climatic conditions, a long, efficient service life must be guaranteed, since repairs and replacements are difficult, if not impossible.


For manufacturers of these gearboxes, Klingelnberg offers high-precision measuring centers in the P series (W version) for component diameters currently up to 3.5 m, and even up to 8 m if required. This ensures long-lasting quality, documented according to legally binding regulations. Nearly all major manufacturers in the wind power industry put their trust in Klingelnberg products for their manufacturing processes. In addition to gear measurement, it is also possible to determine geometrical and form variations (on bearing seats and hole circles, for example) in a single setting. This requires no reference measurements to improve local accuracy, as is the case with a number of other measuring centers.


  • Machine specifications


Machine specifications
  • Greater efficiency: Alignment aids and intelligent software support fast setting and release.

  • Unparalleled anywhere in the world: Maximum-precision rotary table for measurement of axially symmetrical parts.

  • In the shortest time: Measurement of gears and axially symmetrical workpieces.
  • Maximum precision and repeatability of measurement results: The thermoneutral machine design improves process stability for large measurement volumes. The combination of outstanding basic mechanical precision and modern compensation strategies produces a machine offering long-term stability for the highest accuracy class. This has made Klingelnberg machines the absolute benchmark in the wind-power industry.

  • Especially for the wind power industry, Klingelnberg offers large-scale measuring centers for workpieces with an external diameter currently up to 3,500 mm.

  • Closed-loop bevel gear measurement: Automatic calculation and feedback of correction data to the machine tools contributes to production stability and optimal component quality.

Machine specifications
  • Minimal space requirements: All measuring centers have a highly compact design.

  • Ultra low-maintenance technology: The use of highly accurate, nonwearing linear axes minimizes running costs.

  • Easy operation: Thanks to intuitive software, measurement tasks can be performed quickly and reliably, without requiring extensive training.