Gear Cutting Tools

Klingelnberg also offers its customers high-quality, customized products for tool manufacturing. Working in close partnership with customers, we provide comprehensive consulting services covering gear design and the appropriate tools for large-scale production as well as custom  solutions to address specific requirements. The product range includes tools for spiral gears, internal gears, hypo-flex straight-gear face clutches, clamping fixtures for standard production, and much more.

Production Tools


Customers involved in large-scale production – in the automotive industry, for example – have high expectations for product precision while also demanding high productivity with minimal tools costs. This makes high demands on tool accuracy and service life,  and calls for tools that offer versatile adjustment options and blades that can be reground.


Klingelnberg ARCON® and SPIRON® cutter head systems meet all of these requirements. Large blade-group numbers, very good static and dynamic strength properties and carbide stick blades (coated if necessary) ensure high product quality and productivity, along with optimized tool costs.

Universal Tools


For single-batch and low-volume production, the same requirements as for large-scale production naturally apply – namely, high productivity and low tool costs. But in addition, customers here demand tools that can be employed universally for the production of bevel gears with different modules.


For such applications, the Klingelnberg cyclo-palloid tool system offers the ideal solution. Based on their individual requirements profile, customers can choose from among various solutions with or without indexable inserts for machining before case hardening, and carbide or CBN tools for machining after case hardening. The advantage of cyclo-palloid tools is that they can always be adjusted quickly and used in a larger module range.



Pinion and ring gear fixtures for cutting or grinding bevel gears must allow short tooling times. Moreover, to achieve the required product accuracy, the fixture must demonstrate extreme stiffness and holding power, as well as excellent concentricity and face runout properties.



Drawing on many years of experience as a system provider, Klingelnberg builds and produces high-quality fixtures that are tailor-made for the tool and the machine.  The product range includes complete pinion and ring-gear fixtures for cutting, grinding and lapping/testing. It also includes a supply of the appropriate wear parts. In addition to providing these fixtures as original equipment, Klingelnberg also offers them as spare parts via After-Sales Service and service contracts.

The Klingelnberg Advantage

  • Complete design of gearing and tools, including specification of the ideal cutter head and stick blade geometry.
  • Use of Klingelnberg's KIMoS calculation software in all relevant steps of the process chain.
  • Completed cutter heads measured on a high-precision coordinate measuring machine for quality assurance purposes.
  • Precision tool production in an air-conditioned environment on-site in Hückeswagen, Germany.
  • Ultra-modern machinery with extensive investment in all major production processes and in measurement and testing facilities.
  • Complete coverage of the entire process chain, including CNC lathing and cutting centers, CNC flat-grinding and circular-grinding machines, wire-cut EDM machines, nitriding systems, laser markers, and much more.
  • Complete digital documentation of all production data.
  • Maximum flexibility with short delivery times through vertical integration, SCM-supported production planning and control, and latest-generation CAD/CAM systems. Independent production island for fixtures, to achieve minimal processing times.
  • Extensive measuring equipment to determine and document macro and micro geometry.

Tool Catalog

The tool catalog for bevel gear cutting machines, available to Klingelnberg's customers in English and German, can be ordered from Klingelnberg. Just send an E-Mail to tools(at) Our request of quotation form can be downloaded below:

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