Anniversary celebration at KLINGELNBERG: 24 employees with 685 years of combined service honored

Anniversary celebration at KLINGELNBERG

Machine manufacturer Klingelnberg has recognized 24 employees for their longstanding service to the company.  The traditional anniversary ceremony, hosted by Klingelnberg’s executive board on January 20, 2017, took place again this year at the Schützenhaus in Remscheid, Germany.

This year’s guests of honor can look back on 685 years of combined service to the company. Nineteen employees were awarded for 25 years of company loyalty, and four honorees were even celebrating 40 years in the company’s employ. Among the 24 award recipients was one employee who has remained loyal to the machine manufacturing firm for a full half-century.

Longstanding success stories at Klingelnberg: constancy no longer a given today
During a joint dinner with the executive board, Chief Executive Officer, Jan Klingelnberg, thanked his employees: “We are extremely proud to have so many colleagues who have remained loyal to our family-run business for so long. Each of them represents dependability and solidarity, even in fast-paced times. The company thrives on the knowledge and experience of the employees, and, not least, on their enthusiasm for the complex world of gear cutting technology.”

The year 2017 will be another eventful year for the machine manufacturing firm, with many forward-looking projects in product development slated for the coming months. “I am delighted to be on this exciting journey together with our highly skilled employees. Thanks to their innovative ideas and specialist gear cutting technology know-how, we are at the leading edge of our industry,” said Jan Klingelnberg.

Klingelnberg is paving the way in Industry 4.0 in particular, as evidenced by the “Industrie 4.0 Award” just recently received. The trade journal Production and ROI Management Consulting AG conferred the award in November 2016 at a ceremony held in Ulm, Germany.