Theory 1 - Basics of Bevel Gears

General information:

max. No. of participants



Basic knowledge of bevel gear recommended

Target group

Gear technicians


on request


Monday 1 p.m. till Friday 12 noon


Zurich, Switzerland

Course fee

2400 € per person



Content: (Click on a topic for further information)

1. Application and Classification of Bevel Gears

  • Application of Spiral Bevel Gears
  • Types of Axle design
  • Characteristics of Classification

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2. Gear Cutting Systems

  • The generating rack
  • The generating plane gear
  • Generated cutting systems
  • FORM cutting systems
  • Description /definition of Neutral Data
  • Cutting systems (single indexing: single flank / completing; continuous indexing)

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3. Gear geometry / - Dimensions

  • General dimensions
  • Line of contact / pressure angle
  • Contact ratio
  • Path of contact
  • Addendum / Dedendum / tooth thickness
  • Backlash
  • Profile displacement
  • Blank dimensions

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4. Hypoid offset / Hand of Spiral

  • General definitions
  • Spiral bevel gears
  • Hypoid gears
  • Application hand of spiral for front- / rear axles
  • Properties in comparison Spiral Bevel / Hypoid

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5. Comparison Single Indexing / Continuous Indexing

  • Indexing Systems
  • Creating length crowning
  • Tooth depth / Width of tooth gap
  • Generating plane gears
  • Generating cutting lines
  • Blade systems
  • Displacement characteristics

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6. Basics of the Continuous Indexing System

  • The Epicycloide as tooth length curvature
  • Types of cutters for f.H.

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7. Particularities of the Epicycloide as Tooth Length Curvature

  • Point of Involute
  • Features of gear development with small / large tool diameter

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8. Face Hobbing: Generating- and FORM cutting system

  • Length crowing with tilt of tool
  • The generating system
  • The FORM system

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9. The EaseOff

  • Definition of the EaseOff
  • Parameters of influence

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10. Tooth Twist / BIAS

  • Components of gear displacement
  • V/H - check
  • Definition of BIAS
  • effects of BIAS
  • Modification of BIAS (Modified roll / Helical Roll)

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11. Axial and Radial Thrust of Spiral Bevel Gears

  • Calculation of forces
  • Example Spiral Bevel Gear
  • Examples Hypoid
  • Main directions of displacement under load for DRIVE and COAST

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12. Influence of Tool Diameter

  • Application of relatively small tool diameter
  • Displacement of tooth contact in comparison F.H and F.M.
  • Application of relatively large tool diameter
  • Displacement of tooth contact in comparison F.H and F.M.

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