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HF base machine with additional end milling function

Klingelnberg offers an additional function for the medium size range of 1,000 mm to 2,400 mm. This function is called "End milling", and it is available for the relevant HF gear cutting machines. As a result, herringbone and double-helical gears and gears with limitations in the tool travel, e.g. shaft collar, can be produced in a single clamping operation,in a reliable and reproducible manner. Example uses of herringbone gearing include conveyor technology, the food industry, and marine applications.

  • Second column with cutter head for finger milling tools (with C3 axis for horizontal pivoting)
  • Process: Form-cutting, roughing, root finishing, flank finishing
  • Measurement of tools
  • Automatic tool changing (optional)
  • Software to support every aspect of process design (e.g., quality specifications, cutting strategy) based on Klingelnberg machine operating software
The machine dimensions of the standard version are for orientation only. The final machine dimension / final space requirement depends on the individual configuration of the machine.

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