HÖFLER Cylindrical Gear Technology

Real productivity gains with GearPro Software

Höfler cylindrical gear cutting machines don't just stand apart due to their reliable, advanced hardware. The company's own GearPro software also guarantees convenient machining and ensures maximum efficiency in daily use. Only GearPro delivers concentrated knowledge of state-of-the-art machining strategies and process sequences right to the user's hands. And with its numerous options, GearPro plays an active role in achieving productivity gains . Software modules such as single indexing, diagonal cutting, herringbone gearing machining and "facer" have been developed which – together with the extremely powerful hardware – enable significant reductions in production times without compromising on individual flexibility.

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Please read our technical papers (KLINGELNBERG WHITEPAPER) and learn more about gear technology.


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Software Cylindrical Gear Technology

Maximum efficiency in daily use

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