Smart Process Control

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Smart Process Control

Oerlikon Bevel Gear Technology

Process optimization in bevel gear production

With the Smart Process Control software option, our operating software for Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machines C 30 provides you with an in-depth insight into your machining process. The software continuously logs the tool spindle utilization and provides meaningful visualization and process documentation. During a product-oriented training session, you will learn how to evaluate and optimize your machining process while striking a balance between tool costs, workpiece quality, and cycle time.


  • Continuous logging of tool spindle utilization for each stage (plunging, generating) and for each machining situation
  • Precise visualization of tool spindle utilization in the form of descriptive diagrams and exact assignment of spindle utilization to working position directly on the machine
  • Report function enables accurate tracking of the effects of process variations. This, for example, enables tool life quantities to be recorded for cutter heads.
  • The report function is also available on request for other machines in the C-series.
  • Convenient evaluation of recorded data at the workstation using standard Office programs
  • Set-up and initial optimization at customers site by Klingelnberg technicians


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