Optical Metrology

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Klingelnberg Optical Metrology


Making the most of new possibilities

Klingelnberg Optical Metrology is a smart combination of tactile and optical measuring technology. The extremely rapid changeover between the 3D NANOSCAN tactile probing system and the optical sensor makes this a hybrid system that combines the advantages of both measurement methods. The high-precision tactile measurement is ideally complemented by high-speed optical measurement data logging with a high point density.

Of course, a purely optical measurement is also possible. The measuring result takes the form of a high-resolution 3D point cloud, which can be evaluated in a number of ways or can undergo further processing as a CAD file. 

The development work for optical measuring technology at Klingelnberg was based on a number of factors: These include not only our many years of experience in a range of research projects and our close contact with sensor developers, but also our good relationship with technical universities and institutes. 


  • Hybrid system with rapid changeover between tactile and optical measurement
  • Extremely high-speed optical measurement data logging with a high point density 
  • Simple handling and operation 
  • Optical measurement of highly polished gearing
  • Digitization of complex axially symmetrical components
  • “Optical measurement” option also available as a retrofit kit