Popular KLINGELNBERG WebSeminar Series Continues

In May 2020, Klingelnberg launched its own WebSeminar series featuring a host of exciting topics from the world of gearing. During a 60-minute live session, participants had the opportunity to improve their knowledge from the comfort of their own workstation and then submit questions to the Klingelnberg experts.

Due to the overwhelming response from around the world, the popular WebSeminar series is now set to advance to the next round. Customers can again look forward to a series of interesting topics in the fall of 2020.  Dr. Hartmuth Müller, Head of Technology and Innovation, will present talks on such fascinating topics as lifetime calculation of bevel gears, bevel gear grinding in the aviation industry, and running tests for quality control.

The WebSeminars will be held every other Wednesday. To register free-of-charge, please visit: klingelnberg/webseminar


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