The latest GEARS inline: New approaches and first-on-the-market technologies

Issue six of GEARS inline unveils many innovative products from Klingelnberg, as it currently ventures into a brand-new market. With the VIPER 500 MFM, the company is solidifying its presence in the field of cycloid gearing and thus also the world of robotics. Thanks to the Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine, new perspectives on efficiency are opening up for the aviation industry as well. The advances in individual machine and software components point to one thing overall: Time and again, the system supplier is able to leverage ultra-efficient processes within the context of complete, “fit-for-Industry-4.0” solutions. 

With the VIPER 500 MFM Klingelnberg is entering the market with a pioneering technological achievement that is opening up completely new avenues in the processing of cycloid gearings. For the first time, the company has developed a machine that meets the required strict tolerances as standard, often eliminating the need for the time-consuming and costly measuring and pairing of components as a result. This allows for significant cost reductions in production. The machine was demonstrated live for the first time at the EMO Hannover 2019 trade fair in September – and the current issue of GEARS inline provides interesting insights into the evolution of this sophisticated technology.

G 35 – Dual-spindle machine with vertical concept really takes off
These developments give fresh momentum to the aviation industry as well: With the Oerlikon G 35 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine, the gearing specialist has implemented a new machine design for the 5-cut method. As a result, the manufacture of aviation gearing as regards efficiency is really taking off. To achieve this, the system provider has combined proven technology with new ideas. The new issue of GEARS inline reveals what this looks like in detail.

Innovative features for the Speed Viper
There is virtually no other machine design that realizes high-volume generating grinding in large-scale production better than the Höfler Speed Viper cylindrical gear generating grinding machine. Not only has it earned the trust of the industry, it has also won an iF Design Award. New features now focus on the noise behavior of transmissions while also extending the service life of grinding wheels. This proves that even successful technologies can continually evolve. All features of the Speed Viper family are designed to realize high-volume generating grinding in series production in an Industry 4.0 environment, with a focus on cost-effectiveness.

Measurement directly on the machine: KOMPASS shows the way
Process networking is an essential requirement for Industry 4.0 and includes direct measurement “at the source” – i.e. on the machine tool. This is the only way to establish truly clear references to the production process on the one hand, and reduce the distances and wait times for measurements in the measurement lab on the other hand. Both of these significantly increase productivity and quality. KOMPASS is Klingelnberg’s system for workpiece measurement directly on the machine tool. The current issue of GEARS inline sheds light on everything that goes into “measuring on the machine tool”.

Service life calculation for bevel gears
When designing bevel gears, seemingly contradictory objectives must be reconciled: minimal space requirements, maximum load capacity, noise reduction in the transmission and production feasibility on the machines on the shop floor. Yet one question is seldom posed: What about the structural durability of the toothed gear? The latest GEARS inline provides the answer to this question. This much can be said up front: Klingelnberg’s KIMoS software package plays a central role …

Hybrid measuring technology: Equipped to meet any challenge
Tactile or optical measurement? With Klingelnberg precision measuring centers, it’s not a question of “either/or”. Klingelnberg’s P series successfully combines the advantages of tactile and optical measurement in one system. On the market since 2018, hybrid measuring technology is already a much valued “all-rounder” for precision measurement. With the precision of the tactile 3D NANOSCAN and the speed of the optical HISPEED OPTOSCAN, these machines are ideally prepared to handle all measurement tasks. The new issue of GEARS inline shows exactly how this works.

Digital solutions: Fit for Industry 4.0 processes
Established in the last issue as a dedicated column – and brimming with information in the current GEARS inline: A number of articles on software solutions from Klingelnberg show how important the entire Digital Solutions division is for Klingelnberg. The enhanced functional scope of GearEngine, the integration of the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) data interface, the integration of machine tools and measuring machines, as well as the workflows on and off the machine with SmartTooling and efficient production monitoring with Smart Process Control – Klingelnberg is advancing all of these developments with the goal of continuing to be a leading innovator in modern, software-driven production processes.

The latest GEARS inline – order now!
More efficiency in production processes: this is the clear objective under which all of Klingelnberg’s developments as a systems supplier can be summed up. The latest issue of GEARS inline again focuses on the many questions and challenges behind efficient and effective toothed gear production – and provides the answers that Klingelnberg has found. You can order the latest issue from the Marketing department right now – either by phoning +49 2192 81-0 or by sending an email to with “GEARS inline” in the subject line. We hope you enjoy reading the new issue!


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